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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The Supreme court refused to render mercy in a corruption case. The Supreme Court in State of Rajasthan Vs Dr. Rajkumar Agarwal & Another, observed that rampant corruption is seen in every walk of our life. People, particularly those holding high office, are frequently seen accepting illegal gratification. In such serious cases mercy at this stage may send wrong signals. The Supreme Court refused to accede to the request of the respondent No.1 to take a kindly view of the matter because he is on the verge of retirement and that he had suffered the agony of investigation since 2007.

The complaint was that the respondent No.1 demanded Rs.5000/- as bribe for the operation and for better treatment of the complainant’s aunt. The complainant gave a sum of Rs.2,500/- at the time of operation. The complainant stated that his aunt was still in hospital and the respondent No.1 was demanded the remaining sum of Rs.2,500/-. In this matter the conversation was recorded, the money was recovered and hand wash of the respondent No.1 was taken which turned pink. After following the necessary formalities, FIR came to be registered.

Prepared by: S. Hemanth